Simple. Light. Durable. And Super Comfy.

Some people see one of our ads and say "So, a pair of pants is going to change my life? Yeah, right..." It's true. No physical object can magically transform your life into pure joy and bliss.

What these pants might do though, what they're designed to do... Is to motivate you to go outside, spend more time in nature, turn off that 'smart' gadget and hang out with real people.

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Moving Toward a New Economy

Hi there, welcome to my website.

If this is your first time here, please allow me to introduce myself and this project.

I believe we're in the midst of a huge shift, both within us and in the society as a whole.

Rediscovering our humanity, moving back to nature, making our lives adventurous again...

And yes, building a new kind of economy, one that's suitable for the new era.

More about all of that in the welcome video and on the Info page.

Meet the Jungle People

So many stories, so many different lives. Each of us unique and special. And yet, we all want the same. Happiness, satisfaction, connection... And freedom. Real freedom.

Read some of those stories and get an idea of how jungle pants might fit you on the People page.