Are you a "Junglesexual"?

We’ve had goths, hipsters, metrosexuals, lumbersexuals…  Well, here come junglesexuals.

Unlike those other groups, junglesexuals couldn’t care less about belonging to a subculture or  following a trend. They’re not interested in being cool. They’re not here to impress anyone or prove anything. They are who they are. The only thing they follow is their heart.

Junglesexuals are equally common among women and men. They come from all races, colors, and creeds, and from all corners of the world. They can as easily be young or old, rich or poor, gay or straight. What defines them is not a uniformly recognizable appearance, but their values and their outlook on life.

They feel a profound sense of gratitude and appreciation towards nature and all its inhabitants. They see animals as our relatives. Our cousins, our baby brothers and sisters. Someone to protect, not someone to take advantage of. That’s why many are becoming vegan.

While some junglesexuals are still stuck in big cities, most prefer the wilderness. Their idea of luxury is to live off-grid and be completely self-sufficient in terms of food, water, and energy.

They realize that true wealth comes from deep and meaningful relationships, and not from owning things. Whether it’s the food they eat, the work they do, or the clothes they wear, they like to keep things as simple as possible. 

Junglesexuals are highly spiritual people but they tend not to belong to organized religions or sects. They value personal experience, not doctrines and dogmas. Many have gone through intense hardship and are no longer naive or overly romantic about life.

They are aware of the immense corruption of our governments and the puppet masters running them. Nonetheless, they are optimistic about the future. They know that change starts with oneself and that you can’t transform anything without accepting it first. At the same time, they're not afraid to stand up for their rights and fight for their freedom.

Although junglesexuals are into introspection, meditation and self-development, they are equally active in the outer world. They whole heartedly believe we can turn things around and have paradise right here on Earth. In fact, taking part in this collective evolution of our planet is an absolute priority for them.

They understand that we're essentially here on individual journeys. And while some are in long term monogamous relationships, many value their freedom more than anything else, and prefer to keep things open.

For junglesexuals, rejuvenation is not just an idea. It’s a realistic option, it’s a lifestyle. They treat their bodies with respect and do their best to stay clean of toxins and be physically active.

And of course, they like to go commando. Especially when they're wearing jungle pants...

So... Are you a junglesexual?


I'm sure there's plenty to add to my JS definition. Please feel free to expand on it in the comments below.