Messages from the Jungle

Dear friends,

This is the first “Message from the Jungle”. From now on (and at least until the end of 2019), I will be posting these once every week.

Why this move?

Because the Jungle Pants project was never just about making cool pants. Of course, the pants are an essential part of it, and it’s what’s keeping us alive…

But the essence was always to build a meaningful brand. Something real. Something that people can identify with and feel inspired by. The pants themselves are merely a physical representation of that.

So what is the Jungle Pants brand actually about?

At the very core of it is what is often called the process of “personal development”, although I prefer the term “conscious growth”.

It is the realisation that we are all here to learn, to grow, to become the best versions of ourselves that we can possibly be.

And the more we can open up to this process and consciously embrace it, the easier and more flowing and fulfilling our lives will be…

I believe it is almost inevitable that as we embark on the path of conscious growth we also start moving away from the big cities and the mainstream culture, and instead tend to spend more and more time outdoors, in nature, and simplify our lives.

We begin to put more focus on eating well, being physically active, nurturing our close relationships, acting in the benefit of others, and being a part of the solution that our planet so desperately needs.

And so, these are the kinds of topics you can expect from our “Messages from the Jungle” series.

It’s meant to give you hope, motivate you to push through the obstacles, find your passions, and live freely and fully.

And it’s meant to be practical and action-oriented.

I realise that some of you might not totally resonate with this kind of message, you just like the pants… That’s totally cool. You’re welcome in our community to any extent that you feel comfortable with.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Now let’s launch this baby ;).





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