What's Your Purpose?

“Eating, drinking, sleeping, procreating. A little laughter, a lot of tears. Is that all there is to life? Don’t die here like a worm. Wake up and be all that you can be…”

- Sivananda

Finding your true purpose

Are you living your purpose?

Or are you “too busy” to even stop and think about that? Overwhelmed with day to day occurrences… Making ends meet. Somehow always stuck…

Is your true life purpose set firmly in your mind? Do you see it clearly in front of you?

Life can go by so quickly, just following a program, someone else’s idea of what we should do with it.

And then we keep postponing it. “After graduation”. “When the kids grow up”. “After I pay off the mortgage”. “When I retire.”

Guess what? It’s never going to arrive…

Not unless you consciously decide to make that step and break out of the comfort zone. Break out of the cocoon that grew too small for you.

So here’s a suggestion.

Take some time right now. It can be just a few minutes… And consider these questions:

- What am I here for?

- What would make me feel happy and fulfilled?

- What is my gift to the world? My unique ability? Something that I’m really good at, and enjoy doing?

- If I had all the time, money, and energy in the world, how would I be spending my days?

- What is that thing that lights up my passion and gives me an inexorable lust for life?


For some people, the answers will be obvious. Others might feel a mental block.

The sad truth is that most of us were never encouraged by our environments to think about our “unique gifts” or our “true life purpose”.

Quite the opposite, we might have been suppressed, or even punished for displaying our individuality, or told that we should “be realistic”.

It’s much more convenient for the system to keep us uniformly in line, treat us as not much more than biological robots, designed to keep the big machine going.

And yet, it seems this is one of those incontrovertible metaphysical facts - that we can only be truly happy if we know we are fulfilling our deepest purpose.

Without that, it will always seem that there’s something missing. That our life hasn’t really taken off…. An emptiness, a growing feeling of tiredness…

There’s no better time to change that than right now.

I invite you to make this following week all about clarifying your true purpose, and to start aligning your life with that purpose.

For one week, make it a daily mental exercise, even if it is only for a few minutes each day, to consider those five questions above. Don’t be disheartened if it takes a while to get clarity.

Just keep asking the questions, and the answers will come. Often the insights come when we are alone, in nature, with a calm and peaceful mind.

Allow yourself to dream. Breathe. Smile. Feel what a tremendous gift life can be.

Re-evaluate your daily activities. The people you spend time with. The place where you live…

Is it aligned with your purpose?

In which areas is your life flowing and where is it stuck?

Be honest with yourself.

It might get scary or uncomfortable. That’s normal. It’s why it’s called “the comfort zone”.

Breaking free always takes a blind leap of faith, there’s just no way around that…


Thank you for your attention.

Have a fabulous week!





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