Why we call them Jungle Pants


Our pants are a variation of what is commonly known as Thai fisherman pants. That's never been a secret. It's the first thing you read on our About page.

Why, then, do we call them Jungle Pants?

Why we call them jungle pants (rather than fisherman pants)

Eyegee's Jungle Pants is the name of our specific brand, while fisherman pants is a generic name for a product type. Just like jeans is a generic name and Levi’s is a brand of jeans.

We could of course call them Eyegee’s Fisherman Pants and perhaps simplify things... But, I decided not to, for several reasons.


First, the name fisherman pants is actually a misnomer.

In Thai language, these kinds of pants are called gang keng le”, which could be translated as play pants, relax pants, or beach pants. In northern areas of the country they are sometimes called wide pants

Most likely, the term fisherman pants was coined by western colonialists or early travellers to South-East Asia, as they might have seen local fishermen wear them.

However, they are equally popular among many other walks of life, among men and women. For example, most Thai masseuses wear them. So do most farmers.


The second reason is somewhat personal. I'm just not the biggest fan of fishing.

While it’s one’s own preference whether one accepts fish and other sea animals as a valid or optimal source of nourishment, I believe that excessive industrial fishing has harmful effects on the biosphere, and ultimately on us humans.

For that reason, using a reference to the practice of fishing as a part of our brand name would not make sense.


Third, these islands were historically known to be inhabited by pirates more often than fishermen, and it's quite possible that it was the pirates that "invented" them. 

They were simple and easy to make, didn't require buttons, zippers, elastics... Plus they were very durable but light enough for the hot and humid weather.

So,  Eyegee’s Pirate Pants? Yes, that does sound better… 

I can see myself romanticising pirates as being wild and free and independent, which in a way is what our brand is all about... But still, there would be something a bit off.


Finally, and most importantly… I just love the jungle!

To me, the jungle symbolises that which is most beautiful and most fundamental about humanity. It is our origin as well as our destination. It’s wild and insuppressible, and yet welcoming and gentle.

And by jungle I don’t just mean an impenetrable tropical rain forest.

It’s a reference to nature in general. It includes forests, mountains, waterfalls, beaches… It includes all of nature's creatures, as well as us, humans.

But ultimately, it’s a state of mind, a state of being… Our true home. 

Jungle Pants are made to be a symbol of that.