A New Way of Living

There is nothing more important in the process of evolution of an individual or a group than being completely honest about the state in which one is right now, at any given moment. 

Taking a good, long look in the mirror and accepting the reflection as it is, without the pink glasses on…. Without the fake smile.

If we evaluate our impact on this planet, how well are we doing? As a species, as a culture, as a civilisation of homo sapiens? If a visitor came from another planet, what would they see?

We like to think of ourselves as the pinnacle of evolution, the peak of consciousness. The best thing that ever existed in this universe. Really???

The fact that we have organised our society in a way that requires us to cut more and more of our forests, pollute more and more of our oceans and seas, spray more and more junk into our air. Is that what makes us so great?

Or is it the fact that we abuse all other living creatures here? Imprisoning them, torturing, taking their lives and eating them? Treating them without any respect or empathy, as if they didn’t even feel the pain. Is that why we are so outstanding?

Or maybe it’s because of our endless wars and struggles for power. Nations, races, religious groups, classes… All of these social entities fighting each other for ever and ever, trapped in the false concept of scarcity.

Media that specialises in telling lies and fabricating reality. Preachers who only want to hide the truth from us and make us into their sheep. Political leaders who are there to keep us down and give as a false illusion of choice. Corporations that suppress real technological development so that they can keep the power over us and make us their slaves.

Are we really to believe that it’s necessary to burn dirty oil from the ground in order to have energy? That the way towards health is to take more and more pills? That in order to feed people we need to genetically modify tomatoes and cucumbers, cross them with animal genes and produce some weird “Frankenfood”?

Are we to believe that these “terrorists” just happened to appear from out of nowhere to “threaten our way of life” and that our governments and secret services have nothing to do with that?

Are we to believe that “the financial crisis” was just a random misfortune, a fluke in the system, and that our leaders are working desperately to save the day?

Are we to accept that putting our children into a brain washing prison called “school” is a good way to raise our future generation?

Or have we had enough?

I know I have.