The Pants

Pants of this kind have been around for centuries in areas of Thailand, Burma, and Vietnam.

They were first worn by pirates and fishermen, and they are still commonly known as Thai fishermen pants.

The design is super simple, and yet strong and robust. Raw, just like the jungle. That’s why we call them Jungle Pants.

Our pants come with an extra pocket, in a variety of colours and patterns, and are made of 100% high quality cotton.

Jungle pants are made in northern Thailand in a low-tech, small scale manufacturing process. They are sewn by local farmer women, in their own houses.

One size fits all

Jungle pants are designed in a way that their width adjusts to the width of one’s waist . This is why the exact same pair of pants will comfortably fit anyone from 40 to 95 Kg (90 to 210 lbs), as you can see on the “One Size Fits All” page.

Generally, if your waist circumference is less than 100 cm (40 inches), the pants will fit you just fine.

If you are still not totally convinced about sizing, please feel free to drop us a line.

The Story

EyeGee’s Jungle Pants was launched in 2014 by Ivor EyeGee. He spent his first thirty years living “a normal life”, going to one school after another, and later pursuing a professional career. At a certain point, he could no longer deny that none of it made any sense whatsoever, and that there had to be more to life than that.

He got rid of all belongings and went travelling around the world, eventually settling on a paradise island in the Gulf of Thailand. He fell in love with the feeling of freedom, pure sandy shores, and virgin jungle waterfalls. And the pants that somehow represented all of it.

In 2009, he started a brand of “Thai fishermen pants” called Fissshy. After initial success, he got stuck in a difficult business partnership and ended up walking away with nothing. Life is full of ups and downs, agony and ecstasy. Eternally mysterious….

A couple of years later, living in a jungle hut, he found himself thinking “I’ve got no cool pants left, I better make some new ones.” So, here there are.

Orders & Delivery

Worldwide shipping

We ship from the tropical paradise island of Koh Phangan, Thailand, to any location on planet Earth (no kidding, we had an order from a base close to Antarctica).

We only charge for the actual cost of postage and packaging material.

Nonetheless, if you live in America, Europe, Australia, or New Zealand, the shipping cost will be higher, and will take a longer time (typically 2-3 weeks) than if the pants were shipped locally.

On the other hand, shipping to you directly from our tropical headquarters, with no intermediaries, allows us to offer the pants at a lower base price.

Also, by doing all the packing ourselves, we can form a personal bond with the customer, pack our parcels with special care, and fill them up with some of that island magic.

After all, how often do you receive a package straight from a paradise island?

Overseas taxes and duties

If you are from USA or Australia, you will have no additional costs, as your order will not reach the minimum thresholds (US$ 200 and AU$ 1000, respectively).

If you are from New Zealand, you will likewise not have any additional costs as duty, GST and other import fees are only charged when the sum of duty and GST would amount to NZ$ 60 and above.

If you are from a country in the EU, you are able to order one pair of pants without additional cost (VAT is not payable if the total value of the goods, not including shipping charges, does not exceed € 22). For orders of two pants or more, you might be asked to pay VAT at a local rate, but not duty (only charged if total value of goods exceeds € 150).

For other countries and territories, please inquire with your local customs authorities.