Inner Work

While it's important to be in an environment that supports our well-being and our growth, the real source of our troubles - and our happiness - is inside of us.

If we cultivate good and beneficial qualities and let go of unbeneficial ones, the quality of our life increases automatically. At least that's been my experience...

Below are some reflections on topics having to do with "Inner work", as well as some practical techniques.


We are often so busy looking for new things that we don't even notice what we already have. True abundance can only come with gratitude.


Cultivating Gratitude in Daily Life



Does owning lots of things really make us happy? Or is this just a myth that we've been brainwashed into?



There's no greater joy than the joy of giving. Changing the focus from "What can I get?" to "What can I give?" is what will transform our planet.


Difficult People

Meeting people who create pain and difficulties for us is unavoidable, it's just a part of life. But we can learn to deal with those people in skillful ways...


Dealing with Difficult People - A Meditation


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