Getting out of the Matrix

Reaching personal freedom is at the very core of this project, and it's what my life has been about in the last 10 years or so. As I see it, this is a two fold process.

First, there are all the things that we can change internally.

Our lives are basically just reflections of how we are inside. The outer world is the screen but the projector is inside. So if there's something we don't like about the movie, the place to change that is at the projector, not on the screen. By doing the "inner work", we can literally change every aspect of our lives.

Second, there's our environment.

Where we live, who we spend our time with, what we do for a living... All of this affects us greatly. As long as we are stuck in the system that demands most of our time and energy, it's really difficult to do much of the "Inner work". So the two go hand in hand...




The Inner Work section deals with qualities that we can develop internally, and that can help us have a better and a happier life.






In the Leaving Babylon series I'm sharing my own experience of setting free of the system, and the insights that I've gained.




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