I'm Looking for Partners

Dear friends,

Up until now the Jungle Pants were only sold online. Now it might be a good time for the next step.

Many people are not used to shopping online and prefer an old-fashioned physical shop. This is especially true for a new product like my pants. Going to a shop gives one the opportunity to try the product and see how it suits them and then if they like it they can buy it right then and there.

So I would like to invite all those who own a shop, or sell at markets and other venues, to consider selling Jungle Pants.

Or maybe you have a website or a Youtube channel and would be willing to advertise my product. I'm open to any good ideas that bring synergy.

I prefer to work with people who know my pants, and share a similar outlook on life. I'd like to connect with people who know that real prosperity comes from cooperation, and not through competition, realizing that infinite growth, maximization of profit, optimizing efficiency, and similar concepts, are not the way to happiness.

We all need to make a living, but it’s the joy of doing something that’s the real point. The money that we earn is more of a side effect than the purpose. That's how I see it, anyway.

Please write to info@eyegees.com if you’re interested in being my partner or if you have any questions, suggestions, ideas etc. 

All the best, EyeGee