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Dear visitor,

You’re seeing this page because you clicked on one of my paid ads. Thanks!

Before you go further though, I’d like to make things clear. Yes, I’m selling a product. I wouldn’t be advertising otherwise. 

I’m selling a product that I like, in a way that I like. I’m associating the product with a set of values that mean something to me. 

So why not just focus on the product? What does a piece of garment have to do with things like freedom and personal evolution? 

What really drives me is not the product itself. I love Jungle Pants and I wear them all the time. But it's more than that.

I want to use this brand to make a difference. I believe our culture is both in deep crisis, as well as on the cusp of a great transformation.

We need a new vision, a new perspective. We need to redefine and rediscover our own humanity. That's what EyeGee's Jungle Pants is really all about.

I hope you get my point. If not, that’s fine. You might still like the pants…

 Cheers, EyeGee