Operation Wildfire

For a long time, our society has been expanding, while wilderness has been shrinking.

As humans, we've done truly awesome things. Just look at the tools that we've developed. The complexity of our architecture. Science, philosophy, art...

And yet, it seems that we've walked into in a blind alley. Technology has made our lives easier, but it has also made us lose our connection to the Earth.

Hopefully, the next era of human development will be about rediscovering that ancient connection and making this planet as beautiful as it can be.


So, what exactly is "Operation Wildfire"?

The very essence of Jungle Pants is moving closer to nature and simplifying our lives. We're not just promoting our brand, we're also promoting a way of life. We'd like to see it spread.

If you resonate with these ideas, and are willing to give Jungle Pants a try, we'd like to make an offer. Choose three pairs of Jungle Pants and we'll only charge for two.

To make use of the promotion, apply the code "WILDFIRE" at checkout.