We've Been Robbed.

Well, sort of...

Anyone who's been to the Jungle Pants website recently has probably seen that many items listed in the online shop have a "sold out" tag next to them. What happened here?? Did the place get ransacked? I even got a semi-angry message from a website visitor asking me why I'm still running adverts on Facebook if so much of what I'm selling is sold out. "Let me know me when you re-stock."

Well, one thing is that my life is a bit hectic right now and I keep the stock at two different locations. So some pants will actually be available again within 10 days or so. Specifically (just in case you've been looking for these exact styles) there are still a few pieces of Forbidden Knowledge, Prison Planet, Siamese Dream, black Spacetime Continuum, and Wild Sheep Chase left in my Bangkok "warehouse".

The other thing is that sales have been picking up lately, and there's only about 150 pants left from the 1st edition, and some of the most popular pant styles have been sold out for quite a while now. 

Let me explain briefly how these "editions" work...

Each style of pants is produced in a series of about 70 pieces maximum, and sometimes much less than that. Most of the time I won't be reprinting the same style over and over again unless it's a really popular one, and even then it probably won't look exactly the same as the previous edition. The Jungle pants are by no means made in a technologically advanced process so you never really know what you're going to get in the end.  Anyone who's been to Thailand surely knows about their "same same but different" way of doing things.

The 2nd edition is on its way and it will be available within a few weeks. It's mostly going to be new colours and patterns, and there will be an embroidered logo instead of a hand painted one. In a way the new logo looks "more professional" but I feel there's something lost as well. I really enjoyed painting the logos and it brought a certain intimacy to the whole process. But it was quite time consuming, and with the volume of sales increasing I need to end my painting days for the time being.

I've got a bit of a perfectionist in me, and I'm always looking to improve things. So future editions of Jungle Pants will probably slowly get better and better in terms of fabric, sewing quality, small add-ons and tweaks etc.

But there will always be something special about the 1st edition. Quite frankly, when I first received the product I wasn't very impressed with the quality. I spent more than six months before I even started selling the pants online, making sure that they were good enough. Removing and cutting loose pieces of thread, making them smell nice and fresh, painting the logos, folding and refolding them... Each pair must have gone through my hands at least half a dozen times. In a way, I feel it's like a band's first album, or a director's first movie. A bit rough around the edges but in some ways impossible to match...

So let me end this post by thanking again all the people who took the risk and ordered a pair or two of EyeGee's Jungle Pants, not knowing what exactly they will get. As those who have read my Power of Failure blog post know, it hasn't always been easy. It took me quite a while to sell my first pair of pants online, or get any kind of compliment whatsoever. But then suddenly things opened up...

There's nothing more important in business than the satisfaction of customers, and I am super pleased that the feedback I got so far has been really positive. A few people have reordered as soon as they received the first lot.

So thank you all for your support.

And if you were considering grabbing a pair or two of the first edition of EJP then now is the time to do it.